How do I include sizes?
hello and thank you for everything you made ...
I want to increment sizes to each of my articles. (So they can be selected).
How should I do?
Thank you
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Creation : 2010-05-05
casagor said ...
Very good question!
AlainD said ...
Good morning.
Under the description, there is the option box. We must put a comma between each size.
By cons to make the sizes per color must be put for example:
S Black, L Black, Red S Red L ... The client sees a drop down menu.
koumy said ...
Hello to you,
There you go option When you create your items and you put your various sizes separated by a comma and hop ... voila

andré88 said ...
Very simple: Left window: my website, My Products, and manage products, Window Central Create or manage products and just above my products?.
You click on it you'll have another little window and after a right click HERE.
You clicked, you will have a help page and look for the line ADDS HOW AN OPTION, so you can make different sizes and colors.
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