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How do I access at my new sales?
How do I access my new sales?
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Log in your administration.
2 -
Click on ''My sales/statistics''.
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Click on ''New sales'', located below the second frame.
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The new sales will appear at the bottom of the screen.
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In this section, the ''X'' in the field ''Read'' tells you that you have read the sale.
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You can also see the date on which the sale was made, the buyer's name, her email address, the country in which the sale was made and finally the total amount of the sale.
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5 -
To access your new sale, click the date and time (blue), corresponding to sale you want to see, because you want to see new sale, click on a date and time which has no ''X'' in the field ''Read''.
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The details of this new sale will appear. The details of the sale is too large, we present a portion of retail sales.
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You can choose to print or delete the sale. To do this, simply click on the button : ''Printable version'' for print the sale and ''Delete only in New sales'' for delete the sale.
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To return to the table new sales, click on ''New sales''.
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