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How can I sign up with KingEshop?
How can I sign up with KingEshop?
It's very simple :
1 -
Click on the big green button ''FREE Sign-up''.
A page for the registration will appear.
2 -
Enter the name of your online shop in the field ''Temporary address''.
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Enter your email address, your password and confirm your password in the fields ''Email address'', ''Password'', ''Password confirmation''.
3 -
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Check the box ''I have read and agree to the KingEshop Terms and conditions''. To read the terms and conditions, click the blue text ''Terms and Conditions''.
4 -
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5 -
Copy the security code in the field ''Security code''.
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Click in the button ''Submit''.
6 -
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A page to confirm your registration will appear.
7 -
Go to your email box and open the message that comes from KingEshop. You will find the confirmation code that you must write in the field ''Confirmation Code''.
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If you have not received the confirmation email, you can click the blue text ''You did not receive the email with your confirmation code?''.
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Explanations appear.
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Also, you can click on the question ''What I do if I not receive confirmation by email ?'' in the category ''Principal questions'' of the FAQ.
Copy the security code in the field ''Security code''.
8 -
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Finally, click in the button ''Confirm''.
9 -
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You are now signed up with the service of your free online store of KingEshop !

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