How can I be sure Kingeshop not close?
I am very interested Kingeshop but I hesitate to make my site for the sole reason that I fear Kingeshop, since it's free, farm overnight.
Thank you for your responses.
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Creation : 2010-05-05
Koumy said ...

I must say that I had and also the same fear that it will happen for all creators should happen if kingshop closure or force majeure that needs your closing?

We would have time to return to ... I do not know where and what time ... but?

I look forward to the answer.
Personnellemnt so for me it works, I would consider it to be on kingeshop and another if it's true ... there is much kingeshop to start .... any way that makes no attempt has nothing ... and while you think too long ... well ... some are still known and do business ...

Got to start somewhere ... I read that some pay and sometimes are not satisfied with the outcome ... or rather, the site is IMPECT but sales do not .. so the charge for the test Goods ... WHY NOT!

But I also jvoudrais that you keep me informed as Kingeshop unless I am mistaken (AND THEN THOUSAND Pardon) was not (address or contact you?

Anyway ... must not think about it ... dark and makes your site ... after is another day! will be notified!

Nid said ...
I have two shops. The oldest I've created two years ago and a half. I have a friend who has had one for 3 years and always without problems. I think KES found their model and it works.
Christophe said ...
It is true that I often think too ... many hours spent designing the site ... I hope never to face a closure Kingeshop but should be very reassured us lol
François B said ...
I'm not scared ...
If kingeshop must close one day, many shops created with this free system will have already ceased to exist, because of turnover for their owners.

King happy user of 3 years, I have recommended to many customers for its many benefits beyond free.

Whatever the system e-commerce free or fee you choose, and even with a well thought-referencing, the sales will not be generated by magic but through the attractiveness professional (graphic design, editorial, product images) of your shop, products and services to potential customers.
jap said ...
Nevertheless, one may ask!
How funded platform? We'll tell me that thanks to professional sites, but what are they? References to see?
thank you
Nid said ...
Jap, the past is the future. kingeshop existed for many years and everything works fine (especially since they have added new shipping costs).
Read this and have a cup of chamomile:

koumy said ...
hi hi hi

I like the:
Read this and take a cup of chamomile

Council daughter and grandmother ....

Good continuation is all .... and do not put your eggs in one basket
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