How can I be notified by mail of a sale?
hello I would like to know how can I be notified by mail of a sale? because I had 3 sales and I have not been warned.
thank you in advance for your reply
Author : laetis7602
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Creation : 2010-06-23
NWA said ...
You have an admin interface, it is used to it!
laetis7602 said ...
sorry I do not know what it is, that's why I ask voila thank you anyway
KingEshop said ...
Hi Laetis7602,

Our system does not send e-mail automatically when you receive a sale, you must log in to your administration to see if you have new sales. Here's a question of our FAQ that will help you :


KingEshop Team.
Anonymous said ...
If you saw that you had three sales is you're going to your admin interface, the place where you are going to make your site it is now a little of your daily verification and gives you a good monitoring
AlainD said ...
Good morning.
Besides, it would be an improvement to make. Whether one is aware of a sale, or that customers receive an automatic confirmation. For if one is made with Paypal okay, but if the customer pays by check we do not know we made a sale, unless you go to see every 5 minutes!
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