hello so here I am quite new and I can not change the home page
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Creation : 2011-01-07
KAGOUN said ...
Welcome to you, that you wish to change
Anonymous said ...
I do not know at all or go to change the home page there are the tv.
KAGOUN said ...
must go to your admin page

then my website

and static pages

then home (en)

Then a window opens with your page editable

either to replace the photos you double-click it and delete them and then you insert your pictures or if you want to leave a blank page you click on the w in the top right of your page editable and you have to blank page do what you want

Petits Pas said ...
Welcome dear Anonymous

Listen, honestly, you should go for a ride on the FAQ page!
You know, I'm not at all a hyperdouée computer and yet I'm not too bad with my shop unraveled thanks to some advice and hard work of reading. The FAQs are very well designed, so courage, everything is explained clearly so that you can create your home page easily.

And if you really floundering, and well back on the forum, but with a specific question! :):):)
Good luck to you!

Chti said ...
Kagoun correctly answered as often, it is also a dedicated forum for this. For the FAQ, yes, but not always easy for a (e) novice. By cons, Kagoun, it would have been nice to tell Anonymous what to do to type the text and the stretch of this one for a good layout. We await his eventual return to this forum or if it has further advice. Kagoun, your shop is much better, like this is well and that success be with you .... Amen. Cordially
KAGOUN said ...
a = ch'ti another thank you for the compliments ch'ti!

I am limited in the procedure I described not to demoralize the anonymous! I told myself that if the anonymous person back asking for more info

that success is also with you ch'ti

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