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hello i have a problem with my home page I can not put a picture of reasonable size.
me to do anything it appears in small square of 1cm

I enlarged the photo to change the camera paramettre nothing changes
and I finally move forward in my shop
thank you for your reply

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Creation : 2011-01-15
Jennifer said ...
hello vincent

to enlarge your picture in miniature that is when you install it, you just click and click on enlarge image ... image becomes big soon ..

If the image is too large is left click on it and pressed at the same time on your ctrl button above (arrow) and you share with your mouse from right to left to enlarge or shrink the size of the image.

Petits Pas said ...
Vincent, do not worry! Just double-click on your picture and check the option Original Size and the small square of 1 cm will resume the right size!

Good luck
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