Hi to all ... I present my shop
Hi has everyone I am happy to share the user KingEshop. What a fabulous tool that we have here is really beautiful and malleable.
I own a company (in fact I'm my one and only employee) in cosmetics and I just created my first online shop
I ' have not yet completed all the sections but I present all the same my first page (which is a finiolée course) for your review.
All your comments will be constructive for me.
Thanks in advance and soon
My site: http://www.krementfashion.kingeshop.com
I was mistaken when I posted I wanted to karrementfashion. kingshop.com .... I would change that I bought my domain name
Author : katia
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Creation : 2009-09-18
Katia said ...
Me walking around on the forums I have seen beautiful site .... Congratulations to all
Delphine said ...
Hello Katia,

Your homepage is very good and super attractive prices!

by cons, missing sections privacy and general conditions of sale which are all mandatory 2.
Keep me informed when the product sseront, I would do a lap top
Preventing also shipping, payment methods.

Here is my shop: www.lesbebesfringueurs@sfr.fr
Ni62 said ...
generally well for the rest Delphine said all that I see my advice ;-) bear fruit, oops I forgot whether in private life supersedes all [the company] with the name of your company.

Good Luck
katia said ...
thank you for your advice and comments ........ do not worry delphine I will contact when everything was finished Thank you also for your advice NI62 ........... I am too glad to be here, the site is super malleable and those super cool forum.

Thank you to you both and very soon
Leila said ...
Your homepage is very good. You're a silky. I guess you did not put all your items.
Good luck.
katia said ...
Thank you Leila ....... no I'm not finished yet should I put on the site every story .... I'll re soon as I finished it in a dire .... .................. 3 years hi hi hi hi hi
Thank you again
Ashdeuzoo said ...
Hello Katia,

if I can afford, you should disable the start page that is not true .. provided it is not visible! no? : o)

best regards,

Jean-michel said ...
Hello, your site to the area nice, I think ... still under construction a few things: the links page as Ashdeuzoo said, but also new customers and to deactivate the accessories category é Parras de me too. To do it on purpose you have a site name: karri fashion different from your address krement fashion?
If a link exchange're interested ... I think we could be complementary.
cordially JM
Katia said ...
thank you Ashdeuzoo and Jean-michel you advice me précieux.Jean michel I'm not just for the name of my site when I registered I am wrong address (spelling ).... I the change as soon as I would have bought a domain name. When I left Ashdeuzoo page link because I have a lot of request for link exchange .... you're right I have to straighten it. Thank you again you have two
katia said ...
My shop ahead ..... I am interested in your opinion thank you
Claudine said ...

I did a little tour on your website and I found your homepage very attractive, for cons I saw spelling errors.
to make you beautiful at a low price it lacks focus on a
for 2 times cheaper lacks the s unless
accessories without accent ..
There may be others that escape me.
You can write a lot of topics about beauty, it will be good for your SEO.

I wish you great success
Best regards
Anonymous said ...
As claudine ... spelling errors that hurt!

That site nickel;)
Good continuation.
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