Help to improve my site
Hello I would like to have a positive or negative opinion to improve my site before you started selling thank you.
Author : samy
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Creation : 2010-02-04
samy said ...
person to help me thank you
Delf said ...

I found the homepage empty
there is no general conditions of sale, no N siret
busby said ...
I visited your site I found a lot, but missing things, the GTC, your contact information, Siret ...
And you can not try to insert the words you have put on first page in the pictures (do a little editing). And we do not really know how your site is called.
I hope my tips will help you. Bonne continuation!
samy said ...
thank you for your advice to the Siret number I am still waiting. When a home page I have a little trouble with computers but I searched if anyone wants to help me thank you.
Continue on I need advice thank you
niwa said ...
Hi samy,

Some tips for your site, the quality of photos is a review, some (in thumbnail) deformed models it looks like a scan. Returns also one in history .... I think it comes from another site and it is protected? if not remove the camera and the text below.
We need more detail on what you sell (material, size yes but only for m or xl ...) 0 stock is not terrible for sale.
Failure of the Site, message hangs on the homepage? qu'es that differentiates you from others? and which has already been said GTC? company? address ....
Other details of the red band is original but not well with the pink.

Here is what I think, but his constructive comments, you have to play now.

Good luck
Anonymous said ...
Firstly, I want to tell you that you surf on a niche that saturates to death!
This means that you have tons of competitors, and now, to make a difference, we must rely on quality at all levels.

Many think it is just enough to make a site, paste the picture and wait until the business takes off.

Thinking this way is to go right to the wall.

To return to your window, here are my remarks:

1/Retravailles your HEADER (image above), the visual effect is negative.
Remember to remove the hand behind the masked woman.

2/Ou is the name of your shop?

3/Ta home is not attractive at all because no broadcasts your info and 2 photos offset give the impression that if the content you have planted in the background just to fill space.

4 / Why crash as many words: sulfur, sexy, charming, glamorous, naughty?
What is their role?!

In short, it is imperative that you lean on your home.

Always on your homepage, I see that level of info is a little wilderness.

Who are you, what's your slogan, or are you, how to contact you, or said clando, etc..

Now I click on the link NUISETTES + STRING:

I see pictures seen a thousand times (watch out for copy / paste), poor quality, poorly cropped and have not even touched up!

In addition, you shall not operate the same total space reserved for photos.

Concerning your products, I think the info is thin.
You should enrich the description of each product and CLARIFY your availability.

For a seller who displays 0 everywhere is not fun.

On your profile page, it would be best to display content more personal and more meaningful to your customers.

We decided to create a website ... I think it's standard of no use.

Your Stories lingerie, what is it?
Photo of bad quality and even retouched and a history of lingerie rigolotte enough: it seems that you speak to aliens!

That's basically what I can tell you on your eShop.

If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact me.

manager.univers @
samy said ...
Thank you for your comment to everyone.
Each precious for my comments avvancer.
About the stock, I have put 0 because the site but not yet succeeded as you see, are missing something I want to be 100% to finally begin.

I change what you said and hopes to have done better.

thank you for your help and I still waiting for reviews of other advance thank you again.
benebond said ...
You have some distorted picture to return. And as above the Siret, is that email to contact you?.

If your products are great. The description was improved, the size, composition ... Does not 0, does nothing, even though I know that your site is not finished yet. OR altogether if you want that we do not control, is produced visible but not purchased.

Good continuation.
samy said ...
benebond thank you for your advice I'll try to see the picture for the stock.
I just visited your site, I wish mine looks like yours that are very comprehensive and well done.
thank you

If the other person is of another opinion thank you
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