Help me to improve further
Hi all,

My site advance ....... but it is not perfect yet.
I made a topic first asking your opinion, I can not find it .....
(when the function to search the forums?? ;-)

So here I am recipient of anything that could improve my site.
Any notice'm interested because I want something to clear, clean and pro.

Thank you in advance.

Author : Anthony
Readings : 377
Creation : 2010-03-22
chouette06 said ...
Hi Anthony

I found your shop really fun to watch and do not really see much to say except that personal green is not too attractive.

By cons you say you also sell on ebay but most expensive, so I made my curious, and I went to see on eb. I compared a few items but I have not seen a price difference!

Good evening
Polynesia said ...
Good evening,

I found your site very well founded, with a great product selection and very well explained.
Perhaps a section puericulture or in connection with the world of missing children ...

I wish you success

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