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I wonder if it was possible to insert HTML code in our pages? (For directories require a link back for example)
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Creation : 2009-10-30
Ashdeuzoo said ...
Good evening,

No, this is not possible.

best regards,

Sabrina said ...
Thank you for your reply.

I noticed that some people still had links to directories, so I know how he did ... Does it simply add a link to the image?
KingEshop said ...
Hi Sabrina,

Before you start listing in the directory, please read this very carefully :


KingEshop Team.
jean said ...
must do the following:
general directories after the html code, put it gives it that is the logo, you do a right click in the menu you click save the photo and under the places you in a folder on your computer.
After you insert this image on your site to place links.
the message that you received in your inbox after your validation directory. you will see the url of the directory you clicked and you appear on their site,
Then copy the URL in your browser, and you go on your site where you put the photo above and you make the link.
You can watch my site
thank you
Anonymous said ...
yes but part of the price comparison or eg on Is it risky for referencing search engines?

thank you
Sabrina said ...
Thank you for your reply John. I thought about that, but I thought that the directories do not count it as a real link ... Anyway thank you for your help I'll try.
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