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bonjour a tous,
I would like to have your opinion on my site before its official launch, on its broadcast graphics and accessibility, quality of pictures (or lack of quality ...)< br /> <br /> in order to offer the best services and products to my future clients, I will of course consider all your comments:)
following address: http://www.brocadesign. com /
advance thank you to everyone who I meet.
Author : jérémy
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Creation : 2009-11-05
Promotique said ...

I think it's simple and clear brief is effective.

Descriptions would be fleshed out more to add.

The bottom of your pictures in black in the product detail detracts slightly from the clarity of the graphic. Why not try to put a white background with black inscription brcoadesign?

Good continuation

Best regards
Mimi said ...
it's cool vintage design! but there are no prices for the items or delivery terms. Then there is the entry: there is much to say about design and designers of the 20th century .... and if you have a store, it should show and talk!
Attention to the privacy page: it should be rewritten with your specifics.
jérémy said ...
there have as yet neither the fee nor the cost of supplies because the store is not yet active.
I do not have to shop hard unfortunately
Topic I notes is being written.
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