Google is not indexing my pages
why google does not index all of my page?
in spanking site: http / / I saw me that google has indexed 4 page.
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Creation : 2010-11-18
Anonymous said ...
too many empty categories! consideration should be given to place items in categories empty, I do not see how google will index of empty! once done you can submit your sitemap to google! good luck
Anonymous said ...
thank you for your intelligence but normally should google indexed my pages (product) out there is none.
unless I missed a chapter
Anonymous said ...
Again too many empty, stop all your google google should not owe anything at all, much less when the site is too empty. Fill your empty categories and may be that google index them not before!
Anonymous said ...
is already cool, politeness has never kill anyone.
In fact I find the reason and it has nothing to do with your answer.
My site has only one week and I like when I had nothing to reference set yet so I have to wait that Google revisits my site is all.
KingEshop said ...

Please read these two articles very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


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