Google has he referenced and indexed my site?
That's three weeks I'm on this site and I must say I am discouraged.
I do not have great computer skills.
I like to know if my site was taken into account by google, because I do not find it by putting keywords.
I did not finish, I have only 7 hits per day and no sale, is this normal?
Could you help me?
Thank you in advance to all.
Author : jacqueline
Readings : 387
Creation : 2010-11-19
ne1190 said ...
your site is known to Google, less experienced users, but Google for 3 weeks is nothing.
Patience, even if your home is messy, it has just enough text to make room on the Net
KingEshop said ...
Hi Jacqueline,

To see if your site is indexed, please follow this FAQ :

Please read these two articles very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


KingEshop Team.
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