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Hello everyone,

before requesting a referencement google is it really better to have completed its site, having links etc.. or procedure is long and she is it better to anticipate?
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Creation : 2010-01-19
Michel said ...
Referencing is done in minutes, by cons you can not put the code in your site because our sites do not support HTML.
Being referenced does not mean being visible. This means that you have warned Google that you exist. He will visit you from time to time, but everything remains to be done.

Prepare carefully your keywords, and description of your site ..... and be patient.

It is imperative that your site is completed, because at the time of listing, Google scans your website, and draws a first balance sheet.
After a while your site is classified, this classification is very important, called RANKING. If after 1 or 2 months you are still 00 PR (Page Ranking). Following areas can be reached PR 01 pretty quickly.
This classification made popular by Google PR big advantage in search results. Site PR 08 or PR 09 didn't need to pay to be seen.

If you want to know your PR click this link and then to enter your URL.
Do some research on internet to understand the enormous value of PR and how to improve its ranking (rather long)

Good luck to you all
Galexy_33 said ...
Imagine you are a student and you do a duty.

Google is your teacher.

It should be noted you and you rank compared to other students.

In your opinion should make your copy yet completed or fully completed?

I know it's a fairly simple example but that is pretty much the thing.

So for my part I think we should wait until your site is complete before starting the SEO.

Best regards
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