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Good evening,
I just created my shop a few days ... But I can not access them as a client (any search engine in the statistics)
I want my contacts to announce the opening of my shop but if it is not available: ((
Meanwhile, tell me if you can access it and what you think ...
Thank you in advance for your comments, criticisms and opinions!
Author : cherokee63
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Creation : 2010-01-04
Delphine said ...
Hello Cherokee,

Your contacts can be reached by typing the address directly in your site, I reached very well waiting to be referenced on google.

Site sympathetic, sober, pro

Heading right, once you put the capital letter and not a sudden, I may be manic lol, but I think it's prettier with either one or the other

In your links section, put your links that point to the site, there they are just written and I think it's easier when it points directly. Given that there is a links below in your site, why do the same on the right side?

In the Profiles section, all text is tight right. I do not know if it's on purpose because there will be pictures to follow or if one forgets layout but in this case is prettier stretch.

For GCS, space text, I think it is too compact

Otherwise it's impact, super idea to sell local products on the net: D

Happy New Year and good continuation

Marie said ...
products are tempting but the homepage is not very attractive: it would have to expand. Put the picture of Bougnat;) And make good entry explaining the quality of local produce ...
The store is immediately accessible once you have created: I do not see where is the problem (?)
cherokee63 said ...
thank you for your advice Delphine, I made some changes and I think what Mary told me.
I am reassured that the fact that my shop is online.
Other opinions are welcome ...
soon, Cherokee
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