Give me your opinion please
Hello everyone,
Firstly a big thank you to Kingshop this site user friendly, easy once you understand the system and ... Free.
I want your opinion on my site that is not quite finished, the details remain.
Thank you in advance for your reviews, and another thing: it's some time that the site is online, and so far no visit. Is this normal? I will certainly take care of referencing now.
Here's the address: /
Author : Chantal
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Creation : 2010-05-26
didie said ...
Nothing to say on the homepage and the header. I like. Pictures of items are clearly visible. By cons at you lack the conditions of sale, your Siret number, your number CNIL. It also lacks a heading with your postage payment options but as you said your store is not yet complete
la mome said ...
Good evening
I found your site properly installed .. but if I was interested in buying a product I am puzzled about the quality / price (ouch ouch ..) Let me explain. Today, night creams, rejuvenating, anti wrinkle is very expensive and your products are therefore hyper competitive, so competitive that we might ask how it is possible (I do not call in any case questioned the quality of your products). Perhaps it should be to explain the origin of the product, noting its composition, and maybe if you buy products directly from the manufacturer (hence the reduction of intermediaries and hence cost), it should be noted that while ... to put the potential customer confidence for quality.
It is true that apart from that, it gives really want to give it a shot!
nwa said ...

Actually I did the same reflection on the price really low. In fact, if you're like NWA: no intermediaries, expensive advertising, I understand.
Chantal said ...
Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I will take your advice, actually the price of products due to the fact that I buy them directly to laboratories, I will explain in the site. By cons I am worried about having no visit (except your own), should I do something special with respect to kingshop (I saw in the forum that someone had sent its meta tags to website ????) and I feel that my name does not fit, he does not leave anything when I search in google (I also wonder how you found it !!!). What do you think?
Anonymous said ...
you're new it's normal google takes time to be referenced at least 6 months
SergeD said ...
I found your homepage very pleasant, the prices I know, I do not know much, actually the name of the site may not be appropriate lavender rather reminiscent of Mediterranean products, for referencing should time, I just start to appear on Google for over a month.
fair exchange, give me your opinion on mine
nwa said ...
Beware of big mistakes, I am fond of aloe vera: aloe vera barbadensis miller (not muller)!

When referencing and being part of this field is false does not google 6 months to reference a site, my site has been online for 20 days and I'm hardly the first page of google on almost 100% my keywords. Your site is not in the google index I checked, it is imperative to submit your site manually to google.

Looking forward
Chantal said ...
I had not finished and the message left alone!
So I say: Congratulations and good sales if you could enlighten me on what I previously asked to know all this technical part for which I am not very talented, I will be grateful.
Marie Chantal
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for everything. And I'm ashamed for the lack of aloe!!
I sent a message to Serge (Delmontres) which was lost, I think. I just wanted to say that the site seemed very clear and pleasant, professional at all. Nothing to say ... except for one small mistake free shipping or if not just with s: port offered an untimely your text here on the PayPal logo in the relevant section and perhaps gray points behind Delmontres which blur a little. Maybe he should change the color or supprimmer? but this is really nothing. Apart from that I wanted to ask how to create a link back to my personal mail? NWA thank you to you for your kindness, I give you my opinion soon on your site.
To all, good sales and good Sunday!
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