Give me your opinion on my site PLEASE

I have made many changes lately and I loved your advice on the design of my shop. That's how we advance.
Thank you!
Author : gazouilli
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Creation : 2010-03-29
Anonymous said ...
Excellent idea to sell products made in France but sales are not really relevant to the name of the shop ... If you primarily sell products or toys for children choose a name more relevant because it is not expected to fall on a kids' site with a name like that!
Second negative point for me: your logo with the little butterfly, which is really very very amateur (not to mention very ugly!, Excuse me for being frank, but you want good advice ...). Moreover, the selected photos in your band has no relation with what you are selling what at first glance, does not help the matter ... (remember that a potential customer will get an idea of your store within 10 seconds).
Otherwise I found the homepage too confusing, too many items, too many colors, too much text and it flashes in every direction, hearing a headache!
I see that you sell organic blankies. This is a promising niche! Organic, made in France and the prettiest! You should develop this niche is in my opinion. But rather than put coupon included -20% below the price it would be better I think to the normal price without discount and blocked, you realize immediately the amount of the rebate (because currently it is unclear how we gain from the normal price.
Finally there may be other things to say but I will not overwhelm you ... In any case the idea of Franco-French products is very good and if you mix with organic it should work, but attention to the form and presentation ...
Good continuation.
gazouilli said ...
Thank you for these reviews!

The purpose of my shop is turning to everything that is manufactured in France, not only in the nursery. That is why I have not chosen to Teddy in the band. I also sell clothes for women.

Ok to display the price crossed out promo, but is there an option? I will also see to remove the text in the homepage.

For my logo, you seem ugly, but I like it. It is a matter of taste and color. For Gif, I spent much time, so remove them would be meaningless.
Magali said ...

Me, I like.
For buildings, I put the price before and after reduction in detail. It allows to see the amount of the economy.

Good continuation.
Dédé said ...
I agree with Anonymous regarding the abuse of slide into home page and the writing of which you should review the style, it is too one-square-little more finesse would bring clarity and give much less trouble head ....
Otherwise it is clear that you are ranked in 6-7 th position on the first page of Google with words:
shop products made in France
Why this sentence is not there a key in the keywords of your site? you put in the description but not in the keywords, so I advise you to put it quickly to save even places ....
I often look for personal items manufactured in France since tired of Chinese ......
In any case it is gone and I congratulate you!
Good continuation.
gazouilli said ...
Thank you for your remarks and for your encouragement! I have made mods to my site do the least harm to the eyes. For that, I slowed the speed of Gif and I changed the text colors of the home page to make it easier on our poor eyes. I understand too Gif, Gif kills.

My site flashes least now ... Thank you again, but I may be other aspects to improve.
Dédé said ...
You need to validate your site through Google, so ask Kingeshop insert the meta tag.

gazouilli said ...
Thank you for this tip, but how do I validate a site to Google? And how much does it cost?
KingEshop said ...
Hi Gazouilli,

Here's a question of our FAQ that will help you :


KingEshop Team.
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