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Author : Marie
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Creation : 2009-10-28
Sabrina said ...
Hello Mary,

I visited your shop and I can make my little comments:

First level headings should be paragraph and some colors can be + because in one big block of text as it does not necessarily want to read everything ...

If not for the product description there are some images that are blurry so it's not very pro.

And so I think we should redo the logo so it fits better with the header.

That is if I can find nothing to fault and I found your beautiful creations!
Anonymous said ...
Me I think this does not make very professional when you look at the GTC you did copy and paste because the presentation is to review.
The contact there is just an address without a name and mobile number is you declared? whether it be the showcase is a sign of confidence.
Listed items I find cool tricks that you suggest, the colors are cool by cons to see your banner also not at all catchy.
Good luck and good selling
Nono said ...
hi Mary
it would also be nice to present for when they are handmade products that adds to the sympathy and confidence of knowing who made them or even the little story that made you launch. With personal creations must know the person is anonymous when it is losing its value.
You see, as on many blogs where girls tell their life while selling their creations to their friends ... we need to create links ...
Marie said ...
I started to make changes that you advised me (my post of 28/10/2009) ...
What do you think??

Thank you in advance for your help
Delphine said ...
It is clear that your are a grosbloc GTC.
it gives no desire to lire and I find them short.

in contact, you should add a name. It's too impersonal.

I suppose for the moment, you can be remade your logo because I have not seen your store before.

Courage, we can always improve.
Marie said ...
I keep the changes (see GTC), how are you??
thank you to everyone for your help.
good weekend.
Delphine said ...
it's better
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