GIF Animation : How to download it on my homepage?
I want to download an animated GIF on my home page has
using GIMP, but the download does not work. Is there manipulation
has done?
Also, can I download a video, if so how?
Thank you very much for your help
Author : Aurore
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Creation : 2009-11-12
Anonymous said ...
GIF for animations you should not have to worry about putting your home page if it is in good format.J I tried for myself and it worked! not u need GIMP for a transformer or other
Anonymous said ...
Thank you for your response, however, on what software did you make your animated GIF?
Alain said ...
you can use GIMP, photoshop, or looking on the net there that you make them free.
But attention must your pictures have very distinct edges otherwise it will not clean.
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