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Hi I love to know who did not go to my site thank you
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Creation : 2009-11-25
Galexy said ...

When did you create this site?

I like your site, but be careful to respect your graphic, for example the sentence in green do not go at all with the rest of the site.

I'll add titles to upper sections to make it rained seriously.

In short, I think it would be nice to put some life on your site, especially on your homepage by adding a gif for example.

Feel free to ask me any other information.
Claudine said ...
Good evening

It would also, for greater credibility with visitors, correct spelling errors that are present everywhere on your site ..
Try perhaps to describe a little more detail of your products, google loves text then we must set our sites.

That is, these are the first impressions I had while visiting your site.

Best regards
Anonymous said ...
15 days to deliver? sincerely customers spend their way in this case
because one thinks right away that you do not have items in stock
Anonymous said ...
I think the name does not go with your site.moi with the name vet'discount, I expect a site with clothes, pull type, pants, dress, clothes and under a low price. but there are only underwear but not really discount.
Delphine said ...
I agree with the last 2 reviews.
15 days, is that you have no stock.

I expect also that garments of all kinds, not only lingerie.
In addition, there are less expensive than you with the same products.
gazouilli said ...

I went through your site. To be more pro, he should add a logo and above the text in the description of goods (material, color, shape, feature ...). Otherwise, prices do not shock me at all.

Best regards,

gazouilli of www.franceatoutsprix.kingeshop.com
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