Few sales
I have few sales for 6 months I do my site!! What do you think of my site! I had to make 6 sales!! I have beautiful products and great brands, and I'm careful with my prices because I am in comparison shopping,! I just do not allow me to pay to clicks! too expensive for my small business, I have about 25 visits per day! What something is wrong ?????? chercheeeeee I thank you for your ideas!
Author : lyly
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Creation : 2010-09-30
SergeD said ...
Good evening,
Your site is very good, but competition must be tough in this area, I would change just a little thing in the header (Mary Robin) a little more fun on a white background
care visits, if you have a majority of visits to o seconds what are search engines. What is wrong is that you are very poorly ranked on Alexa 22 million worldwide and not ranked nationally, maybe you have changed your domain name recently, there is certainly a job to do with words Wrenches
Anonymous said ...
Good evening
After seeing your site, several small points appear to me, yet I do not know anything about children.
Pink is my taste too Flash
On the home page, inserting images and excellent ideas, however, that are not of superb quality. (Blurred)
In your profile you talk about your shop and not enough of you (given your soul to the shop.)
For natural search, find cool names for your categories (this will help you get into search engines and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
Perhaps a domain name that corresponds more to facilitate your research activities of Internet users could buy you.
Your entry (right) should be behaved more text and articles that may interest your customers.
I hope you find your happiness in my comments
Go see other shops may be the same type to give you ideas.
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