External advice on my site?
Good evening,

I'd like some advice on my shop,
The presentation, quality photos, text, etc. ...
If there are any omissions or misspellings (I hate that!) ...
I fix all this if necessary.
Thank you very much.

Author : Myr'
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Creation : 2010-10-09
Anonymous said ...
You did a good job, very nice site.
By cons in certain category, there are not many articles.
Patricia said ...
Good evening

very nice site clean and fun to browse, we expect a sequel equally fun

Myr' said ...
Good evening,

Thank you very much,
I expected the first post with a lot of apprehension
Yes it's true for some categories there is an article at the moment
It does not really have a choice worthy of the name ...
This is the beginning! It'll fill up later, at least I hope anyway!
Thank you for taking the time to visit and give me your opinion =)

Good evening.
Myr' said ...
Good evening,

Patricia sorry your comment was not yet emerged.
Thank you. Yes in the future I hope to have a little more product to offer anyway,
For a story about choice and vary the style of products ...
Because I am also aware that such products do not fit everyone is going to say,
It's pretty limited at this time
But it will come is in the making (makeup and other cosmetics ...)
Thank you for taking the time to take a look on my site
And sharing with me your opinion.

Have a good evening.
Anonymous said ...
Very nice site, I suggest you make a contact page with your email and phone number.
Good evening
Myr' said ...

Thank you. I have a phone number and I do not want to mix work and private life so I did not put.
At various points I gave an address at which mail client (s) will contact me, the fact that there have no phone number he plays really against me? Most people would rather contact by email ...
Finally I hope.
By cons it has nothing to do but when I enter the name of my site on Google, it appears in first place (why I'm glad it was rather fast),
But there are only half the name of my site visible.
As there is an apostrophe, Mas is not here, so just the title, we can not immediately tell if it's my site.
There there a way to fix it?

Thank you.
Anonymous said ...
There are people that it reassured to have a phone number in case of problem is easier to adjust too.
Many of my clients contacted by phone, by mail very shortly.
it reassuring to talk to the person, because people are afraid of scams, and a site with no phone is weird because it takes the phone to have an internet connection.
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