Exchange links and opinion on my site

I would like to trade links.
and I would like your opinion on my site.

www.cadeaux des

thank you
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Creation : 2010-08-12
Anonymous said ...
with pleasure
Anonymous said ...
with pleasure
I am now
Brigitte said ...
with pleasure
Thank you for confirming
CréaStyx said ...

Sorry, but the first reaction: sore eyes!.
Then, I think it's really looking for!
Great idea but ...

I think there are too many images and we do not really know where it will fall into clicking because it is not specified separately by the image.

Beware of spelling mistakes!

Compared profile page
- Missed Caps
- Display Problem of Contact

Compared to the Services page
- Modify some basic submission?
- Lack Capitalize the first text in red
- Without an ortho in the second text in purple

I have not read the terms and conditions of bond sales as unattainable for the moment, I return to the occasion ...


PS: I'm glad to see someone with images of the items below!
I searched a bit but how to have plenty to do on my site I put off, you can tell me how please?

Thank you!
Ever yours,
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