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Is that after having bought my domain, people and customers that the site: can re-access it without problem with

it bothers me and scares me because I'm already quite experienced in some countries ...

Hoping for a good news

Thank you
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Creation : 2010-03-28
Anonymous said ...
wow your beautiful site, I enjoyed watching. I did not know that we also used the baby hair.
KingEshop said ...
Hi Mod,

When you change a domain name, your listing is to start from the beginning. Your client does not access automatically to your new address, you send yourself your new address to your customers.


KingEshop Team.
mode said ...
Ah! I am a little sad but hey it does not matter because even with her, so good.
it's just a little long.

yes Christel uses baby's hair for wigs to make them more natural. New techniques ...

Thank you.
chris57 said ...
Hello, I wonder if taking a non-domain as (. Com), I just keep the site address KingEshop.
Regards Christian
KingEshop said ...
Hi Chris57,

You can choose the domain name you want, insofar as it is available. Here's a question that our FAQ will help you :


KingEshop Team.
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