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I come to you because I noticed that typing my website on google, when you select the first link, it falls on
or contact info so that the client should fall primarily on the home page.

How this is it? What can I do?

best regards
Author : FL14
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Creation : 2010-02-18
niwa said ...
Hi FL14,

The address of your website please.

Two reasons to position your pages:
The first is that robots visiting your pages, but not all at the same time, so it can be visited 50 times your page or contact info and only 40 times for your homepage.

The second reason is that robots visiting first the page or there is more text to find keywords, are not I still view your site but must be pages (and contact info) with no ill text?
FL14 said ...
Hello Niwa,
Here is the website address:
(I leave you to all attached, it prevents to find these pages here in google)
And please give me your opinion on the site.
Best regards
niwa said ...
Hello FL14,

It is as I mentioned earlier, there is virtually no text in page, your page is well done, May the problem is not pictures of text.
Either he must stew text visible Internet, description, explanation, ...
Let it be full of invisible users, but visible to robots.

Your site is very good, very pro
Céline D. said ...
I can assure you it is quite common on the net to fall on the product pages or annexes to a site rather than on its home page.

More than a matter of text on the homepage, I think it is mostly (as you mentioned in your 1st response) of random robots visit the sites.
I think that in addition, the length of a site is a determining factor in the positioning of its home page on the net.

Best regards
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