I just saw on a site that offers 10% on their purchase total.Est this possible?
I also wondered if it was possible to set up coupon codes for people? thank you bocou
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Creation : 2009-10-15
Delphine said ...
I know I suggested also by mail to some contacts.
able to do it, I say it will be gift certificates for a future order.
Afterwards, if someone has a simpler solution, I am also grabbing
Promotique said ...

Not the coupon codes and discounts are impossible total. We must rebuild its product price every time.
philippe said ...
a good night you two
I made a 10% discount on total order so, if it fits a newsletter, a way that felt privileged to the client
and once registered, it can receive a code that automatically gives me so I can make them this reduction
Promotique said ...
Yes indeed this solution is manual, KingEshop has no specific function codes promotions. Sending an offer by mail and to manually control and gives the customer the impression of being a VIP is not negligible in the case of customers hesitant
philippe said ...
hello promotique
all promotions or offers to attract customers is a good take, retain, but also a few do participate and give him advantage
there is no magic solution, we must consider
best regards
Anonymous said ...
when I submit an order placed with a merchant, and pay by paypal, I saw that paypal proposed to insert a coupon code or otherwise.

Is what it is not just a matter of adjustment on the paypal account? It can even manage the shipping cost. is what they asked me during registration.

but hey ... must see
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