Different price for the same item?

Is it possible, and if so how, to put different prices for the same item (same photo, same reference)?

Example a dress with sizes of 36-48 at a price and a larger size at a different price. This sour well in retaining the use of the basket and the payment method Paypal.

Or have you an idea;

Thank you and congratulations for your work.
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Creation : 2010-07-13
vtu2noir said ...
Hi I think the best has to do is create another sheet and keep your same photo, description etc., of course, changing the unique code admit ROB-FL-01 for a dress and flowers 36au 48 FL-admit-ROB 02 for that beyond size 48.

and then for it to be better understood by your customers do not forget to put in the title flower dress size 36 to 48 and the other flowers Dress 50 +

I hope you ca help.

Anonymous said ...
thank you
Anonymous said ...
Different prices depending on size, it is frankly not a salesman.
Adjust your offer simply. See for yourself.
Anonymous said ...

Accurate, but is an example.

In fact it is long and tissues including sails 1m50-1M - 2M. That is why the image back several times bother me (at least for the tissues where it is possible to consider several colors for the same material, as the sails whose image is always the same)
Delf said ...

Me, it makes me rage to see that big or large should pay more.
Even the baby, you do not pay the same price as in 0M of 24 months.
However, I work in this area and buy the items the same price!
SergeD said ...
Good evening
Do as we say in trade jargon equalize the margins a little more margin on small sizes, a little less room on the larger sizes and everyone is happy.
MarieClaude said ...
I understand your reactions and I understand.
But a veil or bridal train is sold by the yard and there is no question of Big or Great.
I agree that he was not sufficiently explicit with an example of dress or fabric, as in fact it is about a wedding site and I think for different lengths of veils and sleds.
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