Different colors for the ranking of my category?
hello all

I wish I could sort my categories by color.

As the sub-category is not feasible, I am a class that is empty bags obviously, then I create other categories of names of bags (this is my way of pretending that it was sub-categories this first set of category I wish I could put a color, eg orange,

After I created a class that is empty hats because I also used only for showing the different types of hats here, and the second set I would like to put another color, such as purple.

is it feasible? and if so how to return to the configuration of the site to edit.

Thank you for helping me, it would help me improve my homepage, and do less messy in terms of my models presented.

Author : souzoune
Readings : 412
Creation : 2010-05-06
casagor said ...
And not possible!
Hopefully we KES make a shift for the sub categories. then it would be perfect
souzoune said ...
Well too bad.

thank you for your info casagor
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