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I'm really struggling to get anything to line up on my home page. The design page is very confusing and doesn't line up with the header or the rest of the page?
Ive searched everywhere for some help with this and no answers.
Also the footer isn't customizable? There is an option to add to it but not remove the "King E Shop' info...
Please help me.
Im very frustrated and on the verge of closing my account if i cant resolve.
Author : Yasmin
Readings : 911
Creation : 2016-06-19
Anonymous said ...

First, it is necessary to show a little patience. It is normal to be a little lost at first.

Start by reading the following help pages and get used to the system. Return to the forum at any time to get help but above all be patient :)

Frank said ...
Then Yasmin, is it better now?
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