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Can you give me your comments on my site:
he will drive during January ..
Do you design types for terms of sale, transport, etc. ..

Anyway thank you to King shop for accommodation.

Author : ctouvar
Readings : 544
Creation : 2009-12-23
Alice said ...
Good evening, your site is well done, clear and elegant. I think you may be able to remove unused tabs (FAQs, services, links, etc..) Because it's always unpleasant to open a tab when there is a customer. Another thing, have you no interest in creating a category for professional or something like that, because you either sell the lots and units. In searching merchant sites you can collect some standard models that you have to adapt to your own circumstances or choice. Good continuation, Alice
ctouvar said ...

thank you for your comments .. We are currently thinking of items for less than 1 euro .. sell the unit cost for shipping will be more expensive than the article ..
2009-12-24 said ...

Besides Alice, persons other comments?

Merry Christmas to all ..
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