Criticize my shop please
Good morning. I'm looking to improve my shop because I think some things are not appropriate. Can you help me by providing all your reviews please?

Author : PhilaVente
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Creation : 2010-05-21
sunset said ...
Hello Philavente

I think PhilaVente Welcome to our online shop stamp!
should be centered and written in larger
There is too much white on the home page
Can also be of benefit categories

Otherwise it is clear and well-documented

here is my site what do you think?
Nikola said ...
Good morning.
Difficult to help you with google I can not find
mimosa100 said ...
I just visited your site, what's wrong for me is that there is no general conditions of sales or number of Siret, which is important for customers.
I also see that I can not contact you by email or by telephone and did not see or your shop is located. I see nowhere payment methods you propose to make purchases. What concerns me also is that most of your categories are empty, so no choice for your future customers.
For presentation, I like your banner but you should make an effort to show your home, because I find it a bit empty and not very attractive.
there's more rework on your site taking into account comments from everyone who will answer your question.
Bonne continuation, cordially
PhilaVente said ...
Hello everyone. Thank you very much for all your conseils.Je will try to improve all this by editing each element one by one. By cons, can we add a background on a page? And can you justify the text with the editor because when I used Mozilla Firefox, the text is divided into several lines.

Thank you in advance.
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