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According to various researches in the forum on the net and I still can not create a newsletter. Whether the procedures are extremely complicated (for me) or he must pay. Is there someone who can help those who can not do myself included.
Thank you in advance
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Creation : 2009-10-23
moi55 said ...
I put a small link to the contact section in which I have written that by filling out the form below, you could subscribe to the newsletter.

ca be done manually but good, as the visitors do not jostle for visiting my site, I can still afford to manage manually.

at least, it's simple and personalized view that manages contacts ourselves
marine said ...
I have the same worries! I do not go out.
If someone can enlighten us?
Thank you all
marine said ...
moi55, it's true you can get away with it but I wanted something more pro especially if he want to unsubscribe, well you should think about removing them.
It'sa lot of work!
In fact how do you do if they just want to get in touch? since your form is dedicated to your newsletter?

In any case thank you for your response and good sales.
moi55 said ...
a Marine
I do not know if it was me that you asked but I rarely saw visitors, I have not had any problems:)

otherwise, the person puts a note in the form to say she wants to register or simply request information.

Finally, it will feature the message, whatever!

I know it's complicated but ...
Marie said ...
the solution is to create a BLOG / which has a newsletter, and to link to it. Thus on the blog you write your news. And it's totally free: I'm over-blog ... There are plenty of free solutions on the Internet, just search.
marine said ...
Blog of the solution is a solution but is it really professional?
Have you had feedback from customers on this system?

Good day
Anonymous said ...
I saw several sites KES a newsletter when you click a window appears and there subscribe unsubscribe and mail. But I do not know how they did.
If one of you passes it will be nice to say.
thank you
Marie said ...
Yes, people come into my shop from the blog ...
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