Craft fairs and opinions on my site?

My online store is launched for several months. few visitors, no sales through this channel. I am not discouraged (it is not my livelihood) and I launched this summer in the craft fairs. In this regard, those who have done this they have some tips what to absolutely to sell well in markets, techniques beaming eye, equipment, etc.? practical tips please

and if you have time, go take a look at my shop ...

thank you in advance
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Creation : 2010-07-05
Delf said ...

for sale at markets, fairs ... it must already have insurance pro.
Ideal for saving space, a good stand and light equipment to carry, is a camp bed with a shelf.
A beautiful fabric for use all this.
Crates (wood for example) that you put on your back stand with fabric to different floors.
Labels with prices ...

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
Yvon said ...
Good evening

I make markets in the Roussillon 9 years.

I try every day to make a stand magnificent, but initially it is the quality of products accounts.

My livelihood is on the market, and my site at kingeshop is a showcase for my products and my customers, especially a lot of explanation - true - about products, their origin and quality.

The start of the site is very long, but every month, now my sales are expanding and ten references of my products out in the first page on google.

I have some pictures on my site of my stall markets (olive wood and olive oil and vinegar and gourmet).

On my homepage in English and one in Spanish, there are other photo of my booth.

Good luck to you, and thank you again Kingeshop for his great tool - and totally free !!!!!!

Yvon, olive oils estremadure
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