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I noticed that when paying with Paypal you can add a promo code, does anyone know how to insert a code in BOTRE account and thus transmit the customer?
Author : Sabrina
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Creation : 2009-10-26
Sabrina said ...
Otherwise I also have another question: I would like to reward the loyalty of my customers with such discounts, but how can they do without the promo code?

Thank you in advance.
Anonymous said ...
Why not in the form of gift certificates xxx euro on account of an order. At that time he joined the gift certificate to his order, deducted from his pay. And at that time said that if you use gift check payment by check only.
Sabrina said ...

Yes that's what I'll do but I found it unfortunate that customers are forced to pay by check if they want to use a gift certificate apar .... but there is no solution with paypal then so be it. ..
Anonymous said ...
I am also interested to know how should he proceed to insert a coupon code if it is obviously possible.
I think it should not require the customer to pay by check on the pretext that a gift voucher.
So if some of you have found the solution?
Thank you for giving us the way forward.
stef said ...
Idea was flying ...
When we receive an order via CB I noticed that customers can leave a comment
It is enough that he leaves the coupon code in the comments and we recalculate the final amount.
Is this possible?
Sabrina said ...
For Paypal I found a small solution is good but not great ...

As there is no Possibility for the customer to insert a coupon code or even change the amount when you pay, it can pay the full amount (so knowing that it pays + it must actually) and then repay the amount of the gift certificate by sending money to his paypal account.

Well it's clear that it is not very good pro, but if the customer really wants to pay by paypal is always a solution ...
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