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Hello everyone
I have a big problem with my stats on level of contact since last week broke down the counter, my connection stats and page views are recorded since since July 24 instead of July 15 date
Creation of the site, which has the effect of significantly lowering my average attendance of visit
as the days go by, the counter will advance the starting date stats, 2 days ago the stats were recorded from July 22 and aujoud'hui they are from July 24, or these data are very important to me .
Is it possible to rectify this anomaly? Y til a setting to do?
thank you in advance for your help
Author : knd
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Creation : 2010-08-10
Mylène said ...

Your stats are not as unruly know that for everyone they indicate the numbers on the last 16 days. There is no setting to make and kingeshop can not change that info.
knd said ...
Mylène Hello and thank you for your reply,

as if as you say, the rule of 16 jrs is the same for everyone, so I am speaking to the team Kes, would it not be better in this case to put this info in the stats page and insert in your text below that appears when you click on the? at least we are aware and we can anticipate and make by exple of screenshots to keep the stats the previous 16 jrs taken into account.
unless I looked wrong, but I saw this clarification on the 16 jrs anywhere on the site.

below the text that appears you click on qd? next to the item stats:

This page allows you to see your sales, reviews and all sorts of statistics about your online store. Save time, all the answers to your questions about your sales and your stats are here.

We just have to add ............ the last 16 days .. in the first sentence, and voila

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