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Hello All and all.
Registered since yesterday, I have one simple question:
In fact, after my registration when I clicked on my site, I'm seeing a site selling HigtTech!
What is the approach, in order to build my pages.
I am a senior who starts.
Thank you for your help
Author : Vidock
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Creation : 2011-03-10
André said ...
Hello, you must first empty your site. When you open you site, you are left with a list, my sales, my website, my products etc.. click on my website and click on my products and manage all catégories.Il be removed, you put your own categories later. deleted for you click on the N. After you click again on my web site, static pages and hosting. After, I think that the FAQ you should be able to get out of it and prepared to empty your home page.
Good luck, André.
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