Compressing an image banner for site
I would reduce the size of a picture to make only 20 KB
For cons, I will not change its resolution: 990 x 93 pixels. <Br />
Thanks for your help.
Author : Elo0174
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Creation : 2009-10-25
Elo0174 said ...
Please, those who have created a personalized banner on their website KingEshop, thank you for telling me how you managed to get a nice banner with a size of just 20 KB!
That seems impossible ...

Without Photoshop CS4, just a band gradient is 32 KB!
migimo said ...
Same for me, it is too lourde.Cela would be very nice to share
thank you to you
Elo0174 said ...
Compared to my previous post, it is with Photoshop CS4 ...
Thank you again.
Fred said ...
Same for me
CANDY SHOP said ...
I paint and I used Picassa .... but the same principle!
We must at all costs as you reduce your image .... when was the banner I do not know how;)
Elo0174 said ...
No Candy, we can not reduce the banner if it is not big enough on our website!
Anonymous said ...
I have the same problem with the banner, how to reduce an image to 20 KB in size 990x93 keeping? I arrived in jpg format but when I put the image in GIF format, it exceeds 20 KB
This problem makes me KO!
Thank you to everyone who came to help us, please.
Elo0174 said ...
I found help on another forum finally.

It seems that the software allows Irfanview to solve our problem. This software is free and downloadable example.

Open the image, save as, select jpeg. In the right window select the tab Set the file size, save 20, save and done.

I'll try it all tonight. Thank you tell me if you try before then.
OREL said ...
In fact you have said everything, ie

does not exceed 20K
size of 990X93
Gif format

You can not circumvent rules that try and try again!
You will succeed ... even with illustrator or photoshop CS4 sisi

If it gets too painful you send me your files

I see what I can do?

Trade courtesies Kingeshopper do good!

Do not overload your banner
Elo0174 said ...
I confirm that the software mentioned above works! I could put the banner without loss of quality!
You just go through their site to download the plug-ins (a. DLL was missing from the file. EXE).

Good continuation to all!
Anonymous said ...
your beautiful banner!
yannick said ...
try with photofiltre
it works well for me.
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