Changing the domain name that do?

I regret my choice of domain name, but if I change, I'll be invisible again on google for months, which means no sales for a long time.

If I give the new address to my clients, they can see my site? Or will he invisible?

I have not the courage to make a new site.

I want your opinion. Thank you.
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Creation : 2011-02-09
Anony Mouse said ...
Often, if not always, the domain name is paid for the year.
If you choose another domain name (new purchase), you can always create a redirect on the web first to the second, this waiting to be indexed by search engines.

For the second question: If you already have your new domain name, once the redirect IP to KingEshop is completed, it will be viewable by all.

To your last point: you should not do it over again, a new domain name does not mean a new e-shop, made by the banner, email addresses and some information in texts (GCS, help, profile) nothing does not change, your articles and the layout of your shop should not be remade.
Anonymous said ...

For now I have an address KingEshop (time to see how it plays out). I do not currently buy a domain name, but changing one of KingEshop. I can always buy a domain name later.

What worries me is to be invisible again on google for months.

Alexa said I am at least 1 million at a position on google. I do not want to start from scratch.

How do you redirect the web and can we make a site to a site KingEshop KingEshop?
Anony Mouse said ...
Oh, I did not realize you had not yet domain name!
Then for the name change with the store. at the end, you just write KingEshop and alter the name of your shop.
In this case, actually all the SEO work is to be remade (not the shop).
I do not know the name of your shop, or whatever you want to call it, but you can start by changing the title, if you have a banner, edit, all with the new name, without necessarily changing the URL Such as this shop:
* www * com KingEshop mabeautee * (not mine :-)
But we see clearly the name of the shop: The kit ...., then the URL is mabeaute ....
It's a small idea of reflection, not to restart from scratch, unless of course your name is shop and you sell lingerie, it will not do;-)
Anonymous said ...
Thank you Anony Mouse

Indeed, the name of my shop has nothing to do with what I sell, so I want to change my name. But I think my shop will be visible on google for months. However, I already know with this name shop. I have visits every day and sometimes orders.
So people who know my store will not find me more.
Worse, they send me an email saying that they no longer find my shop and I give them my new address to shop, they will not do either, because it is invisible for months ...
Yet I am compelled to take a name that is related to what I sell, for a better ranking.
So I thought of creating a new shop and stop the old shop, once the second but the work that is scares me.
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