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Hello, I want to change several things on the site I am creating from your models, but I do not know how, could you help me?
1) I want to change the width and height or positioning of text boxes in the entry.
2) I want to change the order of tabs in the menu, change their names (eg rename tab services or products catalog
3) I would like change the color of the site template because I would like a green a little lighter, is this possible?
4) Is Can I create sub categories, let me explain by example for a site selling sports: the sport class would collective and sub categories are football, basketball, handball, etc. ...
thank you for your responses and thank you for your site that would allow me to create a website while I know nothing about programming
Author : Atch
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Creation : 2009-09-04
KingEshop said ...
Hi Atch,

Here are answers to your questions :

1) Here are two questions that our FAQ will help you :

How to move a text editor :

How to adjust the width of a text :

2) You can not change the order in which pages appear static. Their location is determined by the number of static pages that you select. Make your tests.

You can not change the name of the static pages.

3) We offer hundreds of site template with a huge range of colors, try to find your happiness. Here's a question that our FAQ will help you :

4) You can not create sub-categories, but you can create up to 50 categories.


KingEshop Team.
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