Change the name of the shop and put online
Hello everybody,

How to change the name of the shop ...
And, too, when we are online, yet we still have the models, sana we doubt it does lack something ...
The name of the shop: thailandshooping

I can not find.

Thank you
Author : David
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Creation : 2011-03-02
KingEshop said ...
Hi David,

To change the name of your site, here is a thread of our forum will help you, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :

Once your registration is completed, your site is automatically posted.

You must customize your shop by adding your own images, texts and products. For help, please consult our FAQ, it contains all the necessary information to help you :


KingEshop Team.
David said ...
Thank you,

Thanks to the forum, the FAQ my shop has a human form at present.
By the way, all opinions are good to take it by the critics often get things moving.
For now, I'm not online, what does it take to complete registration.
To change the name, is not it better to do it before so I did google the hourglass.
Anyone know how many of sand grain has this hourglass?
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