Change of the home page your opinion
Hello everyone,

Having still not heard from the person who handle the design of my shop so I decided on a whim to completely redo this one.

What do you think?

In anticipation of your constructive criticism.

thank you.

Author : vtu2noir
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Creation : 2010-09-07
MARIE said ...
This neon green with black it hurts the eyes! and the layout is too sad: like a share of grief!
... Black can be very elegant, seductive and sophisticated when it operates well;)
vtu2noir said ...
thank you for the reply but you could tell me more, tell me a little or give me advice right?
Anonymous said ...
make this my very amateur is not bad for a start
after your logo at the top green farting does not lower your site that is not green do it very flach
and as stated above the white blends with the green his hurt my eyes
customers should feel at ease that your site first page and most important client if he loves back
Ano nyme said ...
I see that you sell everything and anything for customers is not very pro
because most of your products you have one in stock zero am
You should choose an area and if approvionner like that you will not want to admit any approvionner when visiting your site I laugh lol
Serious about a stock that I do not like that terrible otherwise leave my hiding stocks
Marie said ...
re hello
you do not choose black for nothing so you must create a graphic corresponding ...
already put a neutral color = beige or gray instead of green
then insert a picture that gives dynamism to the homepage (like manga in black and white)
... Visual communication is essential in trade i!
vtu2noir said ...
thank you for your reply
I want to make some adjustment for those who know me not, at the base my homepage was a huge photo collage, he neither had a single photo page with a highlighted link with the product incorporate, I was told it was beautiful but not pro suber because he had the text has left it less beautiful, therefore I did it because I was tired of waiting and left to sit my home page.

I have a friend is designers who currently work on my homepage but is overbooked to work nearby, so here it is, it is almost a month that I expected and I wanted a change on the page.
So is the interim while waiting, and I have no idea what to expect of his plan, it is not be feasible so I preferred to do it like that in the meantime, although the green is especially with the ugly name of the shop, but that was because I went home with my banner, therefore it is not clear top, but I will not pay 12 for something temporary, I I'm doing it until I familiar story of the text that we could not see on my previous page, and I wanted to review the above.
Anonymous said ...
Hello vtu2noir

I think you mix everything you have said, tired of hearing that this does not pro spanking
or that it had no text
But if I remember correctly you wanted help because you had little control because very little reference
But without text there is no longer referencing the text is longer and better SEO
When we read your message above it looks like you my fault on us
Know that everyone test and help you know also that the criticism made significant progress

Your green logo is very sore eyes when you enter my site on your left you little
The posts is just helpful advice to take it or leave
vtu2noir said ...
Hello, not to the contrary, I put the blame on anyone it's just that the first time I had seen a text message then jÈai one day saw a site saying jÈai slap that makes it super pro how do you get a single image home page with lots of photo and link it. So I say if you think it looks pro I'll try that. So I did and then we said it m''a pretty but it is not pro text for indexing. So now that I stuff. So I contacted a friend designated to help me but a month later still nothing and still the same criticism so I took my resignation and made the home until my friend less busy for me work she has done. She also told me she had me do a new logo. So for this ugly green it will stay like that in the meantime. My hope is that his work pleases me. The I just wanted an opinion on the draft interim I laid in 6 hours anyway. And in any case allow me to put blame on anyone. It is there for each other and as you can see I also like helping others when I can. It goes both ways. Thank you for your response friends kingeshopien (nes)
Anonymous said ...
it depends on the company put a lot of great photos and little text, but it not bother them because they are referenced in the first page because he pays google
the large corporation or even the newbie if you pay it back to 500 euro per month

but it's different now is the SEO is free and therefore referencing is very very sensitive you really work for you google graduation and no other site so must nourish and mieu text and change weekly text
and frankly if you do all this you will quickly change
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