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Small suggestion ...
To narrow the number of pages by category when you have bcp objects in the database (example: 1 2 3 1 pages on 38 (total 340) would it means the visitor can choixsir between a Category Display photos as a present and a page format in a list? (Choice to define the barrette in the number of pages)?
This would solve a lot of things I think ...
Thank you in advance.
Best regards

Author : Eric
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Creation : 2010-01-09
Delphine said ...

the ideal would be a systèmede subheading.
Afterwards, you can not do more category (up 50) to scatter more than your products?
Eric said ...
Hello Delphine
Yes a sub category is the ideal course, but also one does not preclude the other. In the current state of programming, listing the technical level would be easier to use. I almost reached the limit of 50 categories
It is rather a suggestion for KingEshop I think the listing.
Best regards.
Delphine said ...
Hi Eric,

I fully understand problèmpe experiencing the same as you.
To me, the ideal would be sub-categories for size!
It was a little nod to the team.

Sorry, we ask you quite a bit.
Eric said ...
Yes of course sub categories Delphine but the option list display and / or photo galleries are easier to implement in my opinion. Thats why ...
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