Cart is empty that despite the authorization cookies (Windows XP)
carefully followed the instructions in the forum about the basket that is empty when I do a test purchase on my own shop (
Cart is empty and I am not accessing my page 'Payment Information' then yesterday I had this page.
Someone to help me? Make a test on my shop? Then cancel the purchase.
Thank you.
Thank you to the team KingEshop for all information given gratis in Forum
Author : Poupette124
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Creation : 2009-11-30
marc said ...
good evening
I made a test purchase of I do not go after the command I had no more that a complete box delivery information and payment it works the basket does not empty
I wonder if you don not use aol
KingEshop said ...
Hi Poupette124,

We have made a purchase on your imaginary shop (called ''test'') and everything works normally. Simply remove the fictitious purchase.


KingEshop Team.
Poupette124 said ...
Thank you all very much for your help.
I replied to Marc's actually running aol.
I answered KingEshop Team: A big thank you to the test: as I'm the type to want it to work, after posting my message I am furious about this problem: it works. Thank you for testing. I'll remove the test.
Good day to all.
Thank you again for the work you all do to help others.
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