Can you give me your opinion on my site please?
I just finished my site and your advice would be welcome.
In 11 days I have 538 pages visited by drivers, is what is good or not?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Author : Florence
Readings : 429
Creation : 2010-03-23
perle said ...
I like your site full of articles, the pictures are of good quality while there is nothing missing.
it would be better by cons that you're a domain you example

good luck
chouette06 said ...
Hi Florence,

I found your site really great and your banner is truly unique, like a lot.

By cons I do not see your number siret nor the CNIL!

Excellent continuation

Marie Ange
Florence said ...
Thank you for your responses.
My number siret is the end of my cgv. I'll put them somewhere else ...
By yesterday I cons galley to register with the CNIL, I can not do it by going to their site. I'll go check it out.
I'm going to change my name. Com. I had already reserved the name. Com and. Com but I have a little problem because I had a web pack, so for now it's a little stuck, but I'll do anything to change that.
Eva said ...
Hi Florence,

It is true that your site is cool, I just opened mine and I am in creation, perhaps we can do a link exchange?

Mylène said ...
I like it clear coherent, pleasant parcourir.Pour pages engine me I have about 3400 but I do not know how I managed it believes that more is better high.
Good continuation.
Florence said ...
Thank you, my site is almost finished last ten days, yet I have not done sales, I guess it takes time and then be patient.
After how long did you begin to have customers, and are you able to live in?
Eva I agree for a link exchange. You can contact me on my mail.
If others are interested in an exchange please contact me.

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