Can you give me your opinion on my site before continuing?
bcp I worked on my site but I need outside advice to continue.
Do not hesitate to criticize it advances! <Br /> Thanks in advance
following site address:
Author : Hélène
Readings : 950
Creation : 2009-09-05
Anonymous said ...

Jolie homepages, personal but I do not like the photo above right next to banner too red for my taste, otherwise no GCS, no info about you and your business, no SIRET on the postage.

good luck
philippe said ...
good evening
I is not evil, the only thing I find funny and hit me in the eye has reached above, I found the home page a bit small, otherwise the rest and very good and clear
as usual
continuing very well from the detail of the home page
bonne continuation
best regards
Anonymous said ...
I wanted to say on the photo at top left and not right ...
delphine said ...
The homepage is nice.
True, a little short.
similar to the picture, she quickly attracts the eye.
Bonne continuation

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