Can you give me your opinion
I just created my site there is about 1 week and a half - 2 weeks
I already had sales of course but I would like to have your review site, I have read the info on the forum and it is true that you learn in each class, each discussion.
The main activity is the sale of beads and accessories wholesale and half wholesale and retail, I have not finished adding all the products but for now if you can tell me the points to improve from the outside
Thank you
Author : perles
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Creation : 2010-02-17
perles said ...
Anonymous said ...
the link does not work
Marie-P said ...

Very simple, but should you shrink the frames are too thick and welcome flashing.
There is no siret, so people are wary that as well as professionals.
In addition there is no real cgv.

I hope that you will not mind.
Good luck
Armelle said ...
The site is well designed but I found the colors of the home page a bit sad with the color black. The world of beads is rather colorful.
Good continuation
chouette06 said ...

Then I found your site very well done but you do not use any n siret or GTC!

Clearly we do not really know who you are dealing!

I saw a small factor that strangely resembles the one I have on my site :-)

Good day,
Marilyn said ...
Hello, nice shop!
May be incomplete for now, he should insert GCS and also a SIRET number for winning the trust of customers ...
Good continuation.

Sincerely, Marilyn.
ambre said ...
you should fill or remove the profile, it not stick with the style of your shop, especially the photo of the man with the pc, and there is a sort of square that hides the word profile, if the pictures are good quality and allow a clear view of the product, your prices are not excessive, and your beads very cute, it's normal that you already had ais sales.
By cons, if you have a SIRET number, would be nice if you put, it's more professional.
Kuyumcu same here! good continuation
best regards,
perles said ...
Thank you all! Your comments allow me to make my site more enjoyable because you have experience.

The conditions of sale are in fact in private life as well as legal information.

If I want to put a header different than those proposed by KingEshop you think the header is pretty or that I should change?

If I deleted the profile because it was not right so I removed and I have narrowed the width of frames.

If there is anything else please do not hesitate.
Thank you
Cé13 said ...
Your products are very nice at very affordable prices.

For cons, I advise you to rearrange your site by integrating the GCS and other explanations on the functioning of your site into sections.
For me it is not clear and I would hesitate to order especially since I could one day become one of your clients!

Good luck

Anonymous said ...
Hi, nice price, to my taste the logo is too small and too close to the slogan.
lack of color in the banner.
good luck
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