Call to former
Good evening to you all,
After more than 2 weeks of work, my site is almost completed. I still have to fiddle with (categories, products recommended ,...) but it is operational after some successful tests of sale. (www-dot-coquillagesdumonde-dot-com)
Former Kingeshopiens could they give me their opinion before going further? This will help me!
I had a visit from Google that has visited thirty pages 4-5 days ago and returned yesterday visited a dozen pages, I think it's a good sign.
Furthermore, I found a site that sold KingEshop zip bags and packing bags but I can not remember the name, if anyone knows?
Last but not least, I would like to thank and congratulate the team KingEshop for their job and allow us to create a site that hold the road.
Thank you in advance for your answers
Author : Jean-loup
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Creation : 2010-03-04
Patricia said ...
Good evening

Nearly completed, mmmh ...... I think we can never say that to a site.
A website is never finished, there is always work and rework it, to try to improve, supplement etc.

Personally I find your site clear, pleasant to watch
but I think you should make a section with your terms, a FAQ does not replace the condition you would like to meet clients like yours to your customers
I have not seen either your postage and it may be lack of entry, it could help you for referencing unless having keyword super

Best regards
Jean-loup said ...
Hello Patricia,

Thank you for your response and your observations, I will take this into account, and my items are still to be done.

Jean-loup said ...
Hello to any and all

My site is just completed and Google last night to visit 78 pages. This is the third time he goes for 1 week!
I think it's a good sign that you think?
Thank you for your answers
didie said ...
I would add in a footnote instead directed the client to the help page for the GTC, the GTC to create a category, the same for shipping costs.
Jean-loup said ...
thank you for your answers and your comments. Rubric GCS, yes, I must do.
For Google, it is on a search engine but that 98% of Internet use for looking!! And if you're not réféencé or yet another page, not find us. In this connection, google returned this weekend, he visited nearly 600 pages?? I do not know how!
Thank you and keep your comments it is useful to me
Good luck to you all
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