Buy stock but not finalized at 0
By simulations sale without finalizing the purchase,
I found that the amount of my stocks declined anyway.
What to do to solve this problem?
Author : tbp
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Creation : 2009-10-23
KingEshop said ...
Hi tbp,

If the client does not finalize its purchase stocks available for a product does not change.

If you have 5 copies of a product and a customer adds two copies in his basket, he will see that the amount available for this product is 3 copies, but if another customer enters the site, he sees that there are 5 copies for this product because the first client has not finalized its purchase.

Please, do this test :

1- Open only one browser. Do not open any other browser on your screen.

2- Put two copies of a cart, but do not finalize your purchase. Remember what product you used to do the test.

3- Close the browser completely.

4- Open a new browser and you will see that the quantity is the same as before.


KingEshop Team.
tbp said ...
Hello again:)

I understand that as a client only puts items in his cart,
they remain available for another. Lucky:)

Where there is a flaw, it is false when a client does not validate the payment on the secure Paypal page.
The amount of inventory decreases when it has not actually paid. both with an address true or false.

Do you have a solution?
Jean-Michel said ...
Tbp Hello, I encountered the same problem as you! Fortunately there was not much buying or simulation test as many do, false email address, all fields marked with test section concludes the stock ... I put the article online and clears the command at any chance I contacted the customer wants to know whether information but often the addresses are bogus.
Regards Jean-Michel
tbp said ...
Certainly, but I think it's a major fault of KingEshop:
if a malicious person does on 150 articles, your sales
you lose (and your time)! I expect a formal response to this problem.
KingEshop said ...
Hello Tbp,

Here is our official response ''to the problem'' (your problem) regarding the ''fault significant KingEshop'' :

When you choose to manage your inventory, you choose to live with the fact that your customers and visitors can give you additional work.

The ''problem'' is the same whether you choose to be paid via Paypal, check, delivery or otherwise. If someone buys something and he promises he will send you a check, what do you do that our system ... ? to wait to know if the check arrived before changing the quantities of stocks? The logic is the same for all modes of payment.

There are thousands of ways to harm a merchant (online or not). Inventory management is a tool that works very well in 99% of cases. If you find that it is not appropriate for you, do not use this function.

Good luck in your projects

KingEshop Team
tbp said ...
Can we then canceled orders that would call for stocks not automatically paid?
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