But what do you think?
Hello to you
And so what do you think of my site fresh?
Author : Philippe77
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Creation : 2010-04-28
didie said ...
Your site is good. You have a good header that reflects what you sell. I advise you of your cgv ventilated and the words superimposed. You need to add a section profile with your contact details and that of your company with your Siret and the CNIL. Also adds an item postage.
Anonymous said ...
Shame that your domain name resembles one of your competitors ampouleseco.com!
When you choose your domain names are imaginative ....
Mylène said ...
The blue color is very well chosen site is nicely consistent in terms of choice of articles and aesthetics of the site.
By cons nowhere are your contact information, Siret n, n your cnil which are mandatory.
Also mentioned have the GTS is very good because there also mandatory but it is a cons paved with text that overlaps.
It would alleviate all this by creating chapters more airy.
Items customers and faq are empty they will need to fill.
Last thing the home page should be revised because too chaotic (the table of equivalence would be better in a section dedicated to him).
A section also with a history of blisters ecological benefits in terms of ecology, etc. that would be OK but it's just a suggestion.
I wish you great sales.

Philippe said ...
thank you all for your comments
I am very touched
I will do the same for you
Philippe77 said ...
thank you for his comments to didie
it's true the GTC should be reviewed so that it is clearer
Heading is being coordinated and the Siret
Heading postage also
Philippe said ...
Regarding the domain name, I'm quite ok
I had checked before and no luck, I realized after it was already taken
so I was forced to make one. biz
A little advice to everyone, before setting up your domain name, go check that is not already taken. Com or. Com this will avoid the kind of gymnastics I had to do.
Always thank you for your comments, I'm interested
Géraldine said ...
Your site is clear. ll just need you to fill the empty categories.
By cons, a small question. How do you ensure that the logos Colissimo and paypal are just below the published items (either all right).

Thank you for your help

Philippe77 said ...
you'll find logos that you want on the WEEB you save and then you go to your home page (static page) and let you insert photo and paste them right on your page by dragging.
I hope you have help
Good continuation
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